Dr Libby Nugent

Clinical Psychologist and Group Work Practitioner.

Providing a choice of teaching spaces, seminars and groups where people can reflect on life.

I am a clinical psychologist and group work practitioner in group analysis. I have particular interest in exploring stories and myths in groups as a way to creatively connect and examine individual and collective psychology.

Reflective Spaces

The reflective spaces I provide can be either “here-and-now” events where participants study what is going on in the moment, paying particular attention to unconscious dynamics and looking at the group-as-a-whole, rather than intrapersonal or interpersonal dynamics. Or events, where the group is invited to reflect on their experiences regarding a particular piece of material: such as a group discussion on a piece of literature, or, a participant sharing a work situation to be thought about together as a group.
It is not unusual that learning is transformational in terms of how participants look at themselves, their roles, their groups, and organisations they are part of.

These reflective spaces are for anyone wanting to experience in action how through the group‘s discussion, meeting our reactions, our connection to symbols, imagery and association along the way, we might enable each other to better understand ourselves, each other and some of the personal and collective stories we all live.
Unless explicitly stated for a specific event, no particular background or experience is necessary to participate.

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